A project to brand TOKINOHA's process of training young craftsmen as [TOKINOTANE]. It is a form born from the desire to increase the number of young people who want to become potters and to make them stand alone as potters. Three years of clay kneading, ten years of potter's wheel. It is the number of years of training in pottery that has been said for a long time. It takes a long time to master one technique, not just pottery. The reality is that the vessels made in the process of training have nowhere to go, and the more effort you put into it, the more physically it accumulates. However, among the awkward vessels, there is also an unfinished but unique charm. I was wondering if I could sublimate the hope-filled "seed" -like vessel and the energy of the young people who create it in a good way. Therefore, the idea of ​​branding a container born from a small "seed" before becoming "TOKINOHA" as [TOKINOTANE] was born. A slightly awkward and lovely vessel made by a young craftsman is combined with original sweets with the image of seeds and packaged. By creating a place that customers can see as a "product," we hope to create an opportunity for them to have a higher awareness as a creator. And a part of the generated sales will be returned to young makers. Now that the number of people who aspire to be craftsmen is decreasing, the cycle becomes a great vitality for nurturing people. Tokino Tane is a project to brand the process of training young craftsmen of TOKINOHA. However, training young craftsmen is indispensable for the entire manufacturing industry. It is a problem that must be considered by the entire industry in order to connect rich handicrafts to the future and to carefully nurture the seeds of craftsmen. [TOKINOTANE] wants to be transmitted as one of the ways to brighten the future.